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An Estimated Thirty Percent of Boomers are Single

The dating scene this Valentine’s Day may appear a little different than what we’re used to. Think older. As with so many things, Baby Boomers are once again changing the cultural landscape. This time, the focus is on their love lives.

A ream of statistics shows that the world of romance is not what it used to be for older Americans. According to a recent report by Socialnomics, one in eight married couples in the U.S. met through social media, and statistics show that Boomers now represent the fastest growing segment of this online dating world.

• Twenty-nine percent of adults age 45-59 are single; that’s a 50 percent increase in the past thirty years.
• The number of Boomers who are single as a result of divorce – almost 16 percent – has doubled since 1980. Those who never married account for nearly 10 percent of the single population.
• Seventy percent of single Boomers say they date regularly.
• Thirty-four percent of women ages 40-69 are dating younger men.

The romantic evidence continues to pile up., one of the largest online dating services, recently reported that people over the age of 50 make up the fastest growing segment of its users. In the past ten years, the site has seen a 300 percent increase in Boomers looking for love online.

“When Boomers turn to the Internet in search of a partner, their interests are very different than those of younger adults,” said Bill Spink, Chief Creative Officer of 50 plus marketing specialist DMW Direct. “Most are no longer looking for a spouse or a parenting partner. And they’re more confident – they know what they want.”

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